I can understand basic expressions about my family and my relatives. I can express myself about these subjects by using short sentences and body language.


I can express myself by using basic words and phrases. I can understand simple and short texts about these subjects.


I can clearly express my wishes and expectations in topics that I know or i am interested in, understand texts that are written in a clear language and in a standart style.


I can follow speeches and discussions about current topics, I can communicate fluently with native language speakers.


I can understand television programs and long conversations without difficulty. I can express myself in a fluent and natural way.


I can understand long and complex texts in a specific profession.  I can express my opinions about each subject in a suitable and detailed way.

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System Properties

Module Activities

The Distance Turkish Teaching Portal has been prepared according to Common European Framework of Reference For Languages for language learners developed by The Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe and teaches you Turkish with thematic and real life topics.


The words in the books prepared for teaching Turkish as a foreign language in the field listed by Common European Framework of Reference For Languages according to levels within the scope of specified topics in the direction of our Professional staff in the field andd they are categorized according to themes.

Supported Activities

The texts you have written and the speeches you have made in activities to improve writing and speaking skills are evaluated by experts. After activities are evaluated, feedback is sent to you in a way that you can see your weaknesses and strengths.

Word Activities

You can continue learning vocabulary independently of the trainings (courses) with the "Word" module designed only to work on vocabulary .During the vocabulary learning process, You can do reading, listening, writing and speaking activities for each.


You can add sounds and images of words you want to the "Personal Dictionary" section. The system creates automatic activities for reading, listening, writing and speaking skills related to the words involved. In this way you will find a new activity group that you can work the “Word Module”.

Private and Video Courses

You can work on the issues you are missing with the video tutorials installed on the system or take face-to-face training by participating in live classes for your teacher's virtual class. You can improve yourself by asking your teacher questions about topics you want.


You need to do sometimes reinforcement work of word to strengthen your vocabulary. You will be reminded of the words that you are not working for a while on. Therefore, It is ensured that the information you have learned remains permanent.

Points, Rank and Market

As you complete the modules you earn experience points and diamonds. You can do shopping at the virtual market with the diamonds you collect, buy live lessons. The experience points determine your rank and allow you to enter the ranking of leaders.

Competitions and Games

There are collecting points, shopping with collected points, adding friends and leaders page tabs in the system. With game-based activities, you can compete with your friends and other users while you are learning by having fun and watching your own progress in a competitive environment.

Video Activities

The videos provide examples from daily life in the activities for you to establish a relationship with real life with the help of questions of four basic language skills and make your learning easier.